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About Us

The FL GREEN TEAM  is an energy conservation company dedicated to making homes and businesses more energy efficient thereby lowering energy consumption and reducing electric bills. In most cases we can cut electric bills 50% through energy efficiency measures such as upgrading air conditioning systems including ductwork sealing, solar water heating, insulation and window tinting. While helping homeowners and businesses become more energy efficient we in turn improve air quality making the environment more healthy and comfortable. We also install solar electric systems that can make your home consume zero energy from the electric company. 
Energy conservation is by far the easiest way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Every dollar spent on conservation is equal to spending $4.00 to generate electricity. So we feel very strongly about “Conserve First” “Generate Second”. 
Saving energy is more than an environmental cause. It’s a matter of national security. The less energy we use the less we are dependent on imported fossil fuels. We Americans use twice as much energy as European nations and three times as much energy as other developed countries.
We are members of the Florida Solar Industries Association, the Building Industry Association of Lee County, the Florida Green Building Coalition and the Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy. 


Reed Wilson

Reed Wilson is founder and president of the FL GREEN TEAM, a division of Comfort Temp Air Conditioning. Reed has been involved in energy conservation his entire business life. He began with solar energy back in 1979 after the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. After some research he made his way to the Sunshine state to pursue his career in solar energy. 
After working in the solar industry for a few years Reed got his solar contractor’s license and went into business for himself. He built one of the largest solar energy companies in the nation and in 2001 started Comfort Temp Air Conditioning which today does business as the FL Green Team. In addition to being a solar contractor, Reed is a State Certified Energy Rater and a State Certified Pool Contractor. He is also certified by the National Comfort Institute as an “Air Conditioning Balancing and Diagnostic Technician”.
Reed currently is Vice President of the Florida Solar Industry Association and serves on the Board of Directors and the Legislative Committee. He was one of the founding members of the Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy and serves on Lee County’s Board of Adjustments and Appeals. Reed has completed numerous courses at the Florida Solar Energy Center including “Energy Efficient Florida Home Building”, “Photovoltaic System Design and Installation” and “Solar Water and Pool Heating Design, Installation, Repair and Maintenance” as well as,  the “Green Advantages Training Program” at the University of Florida.

Reed was born in Springfield, Ohio and has been married to Cathi for 27 years.  They have two daughters, Ashley and Anna.  Reed loves cars, and has raced on the SCCA circuit in previous years.  Reed snow skiis and has a 25 year tradition of meeting friends from college for a weekend in Lake Tahoe every March.  He also enjoys planning trips and travelling and has taken his family to Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Costa Rico, the Carribean, Europe and all over the Unites States, including Alska and Hawaii.  He also completed a work study program in Japan, and holds a BFA degree from Wittenberg University


Noah Blanco

Director of Energy Conservation

Noah has been a passionate advocate for energy conservation for 15 years. He worked for Lee County Co-op as the Good Cents Home program Coordinator and at FPL as an energy management consultant prior to joining the FL Green Team.  He is a Class I National Certified Energy Rater capable of doing HERS Ratings, is a Florida Green Certifying Agent, as well as a State Certified energy rater. He has also earned his Energy Star Designation.  Noah also has a strong knowledge of doing meter test calculations to determine the “true” energy consumption of any residential appliance with access to the electric utility’s electric meter.  He also has expertise in efficient glazing, having a glazing background for over a decade.
Noah is certified to do “home energy calculations”, air conditioning load calculations”, “Home Energy Ratings System (HERS Ratings), “Florida Green Building Coalition Certified Green Home Designation. He also developed the Customer Residential Energy Survey Tool (CREST) software which breaks down energy consumption in a home and provides prescriptive cost effective improvements to reduce energy consumption.

Noah has completed numerous courses, mostly at the Florida Solar Energy Center including “Energy Efficient Florida Home Building”, “Florida Green Home Designation”, “From Blueprints to Residential Code Compliance”, “Solving Moisture and Mold Problems”, “Duct System Testing and Repair” ,  “Residential Conservation Service Certification”., and “HVAC As If Comfort Mattered.”

Noah is a native Floridian, born and raised in Miami.  He lives in Cape Coral with his wife Yadi and his Green Tree Python and Sulcata Tortoise.  He loves animals and wildlife and enjoys spending time with his extensive family.  He plays basketball and occasionally softball when he has free time.

 Bill Nuwer, Service Manager

Bill has 13 years of experience in the HVAC industry.   He has been a member of the FL Green Team for 6 years.  He is NATE Certified, has completed the Trane Top Technician Training, and is EPA certified.  He has completed continuing education courses in Variable Speed Systems and Charging and Air Flow.  Bill’s expertise is so extensive that he has been hired as an independent consultant by Trane Manufacturing for troubleshooting other contractor’s work.

Bill was born in Bradenton, Florida and is married to Judy.  He is a proud father of Destiny,12, Trinity, 9 and William Jr., 4.  He enjoys family time, fishing, hunting and any outdoor activities.  The family has three dogs, Sadie, Wyatt and Lolly.




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